Jordan (bloomsinwinter) wrote in the_pearl_girls,

Name:Jordan Elizabeth
Occupation/school:prep school-er...graduate in May 05!
Location:Northern California
Sexual Preference: straight
Status: nothing official

A Few of Your Favorite Things.
Movie(s):Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller, Heathers,
Actor(s):Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Brad, Jude, Johnny, the whole gang.
Acress(es):Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore
Television Show(s): Law and Order:SVU, Reno 911, Laguna Beach, The OC,
Article(s) of clothing: Ummm...My polo shirts, UGGs. Citizens of humanity jeans, juicy wear, pearls if they count...Numerous T-shirts,
Store(s):Nieman Marcus, Saks, The Pink Tangerine, GirlBoyGirl, Bloomingdales
Cosmetic Brand(s): Chanel, Benefit, Bobbie Brown
Song(s):"New Slang" by the shins, pretty much anything from the artists listed below.
Band(s)/Singer(s):The Shins, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Frank Sinatra, Lindsay Lohan, Jem, Beatles, Tupac...I like everything from rock to showtunes to rap
Accessories:I'm addicted to bags and shoes

Your thoughts On..
Ashton Kutcher: SO OVER! I never really cared for him. He seems like a dumbass, and after dating Demi, I just don't want to see him all over US weekly anymore.
Abercombie: Honestly, aside from the terrible racial disaster its going through, I like the stuff, some off it. I cannot stand stuff that screams label whore. TShirts that say ABERCROMBIE along the chest are so distasteful. I like the pants, jackets, sweaters etc, as long as it doesnt say AandF I'm cool with it. Comfy and it smells good!
Hilary Duff:Oh come on, she's adorable! I know, she's kind of annoying, but shes so much sweeter than Lindsay. I love her and I am not afraid to say it!
Mary-Kate and Ashley:I don't know how to feel about them. On one hand I feel awful for Mary Kate what with her many issues, and feel bad for Ashley for having to deal with her. But then, I feel like they have everything, why should I feel bad. I don't know, Ashley can really dress!
Material Possessions:What can I say, I've been really lucky, and have somehow become addicted to "stuff" and "clothes." I know they aren't necessary, but are nice to have.

How often do you wear your pearls?: Well I wear my ring everyday...A ring centered between three little diamonds on each side from T&co. M dad said it was so that I wouldn't rush to get married. lol as if!
Which kind do you wear? ( i.e. necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets):I have a simple strand necklace, a shorter strand of bigger pearls, and a strand of big fake pearls on a ribbon. I also have a bracelet with a silver clasp that I got for graduation from fifth grade. And my ring.
Why do you love pearls? They are so classic and beautiful. They hold the timeless cham that has existed for ages, and can be worn with almost anything.
What makes you "a pearl girl"? I love pearls and come from a pearl wearing family. I'm wearing them right now! I think I uphold the standards of pearl girls, but you'll have to decide.
Do you think we're nuts because we belong to a community the shares a name with a tampon? (hehe) lol! It was about pearls first!

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