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*Pearls* rock my world <33

The Basics
Name: Nicole
Age: 14
Occupation/school: I go to school, I am in 8th grade <3
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Sexual Preference: Guys, hott guys ;)
Status: single, but I have "standards" for a guy.

A Few of Your Favorite Things.
: The Notebook, Man on Fire, The Breakfast Club, and Valley Girl.
Actor(s): Chad Michael Murray
Acress(es): Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson.
Television Show(s): Laguna Beach, The Real World, The O.C
Article(s) of clothing:
Store(s): Lacoste, Polo/Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, abercrombie, hollister, merle norman(for the vera bradleys *), and forever 21.
Cosmetic Brand(s): CoverGirl, LORE'AL, clinique,prescriptives, maybelline, revlon, and J.A.N.E
Song(s): Over and Over, Goodies REEEMIX!, Let me Love you, Whiskey Lullaby, Sunday Morning, or anything country or hip-hop. :)
Band(s)/Singer(s): Maroon 5, Ciara, Brad Paisley, Nelly, Tim McGraw...
Color: Pink, and Lime Green.
Sport: cheerleading, duhhh<3
Accessories: pearl necklaces, ribbon belts, ribbons for your hair, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, the livestrong and share beauty/spread hope bracelets. <3

Your thoughts On..
Ashton Kutcher: He's soo hott, but he has nothing on Chad or Brad.
Abercombie: I love abercrombie, but sometimes I'll see these little 10 year olds shopping there, and I just think that sometimes people forget the real meaning of preps.
Hilary Duff: Personally, I think she trys to hide herself from people, she should be happy the way she is... she is sooo pretty .
Mary-Kate and Ashley: I used to love all of their shows, I've never really worn any of their clothes, but I think they mean well. They are both gorgeous.
Material Possessions: I think all girls need to have material things. I know if I didn't have nice clothes, nice accesories, or anything of that matter I would be completely lost. <3

How often do you wear your pearls?: I usually wear them everyday or everyother day. I like to switch up on my jewelry because I treasure all of it.
Which kind do you wear? ( i.e. necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets)
: Necklaces, earrings, braclets, (I want a pearl ring from claires for xmas, but ya know...), and I have these little pearl anklets that are soo cute (claires also).
Why do you love pearls? I love pearls because I think they are very classy, elegant, and nice to have around. They can make an outfit stand out ten times more than it would without pearls.
What makes you "a pearl girl"? I'm a pearl girl because for one, I have many pieces of jewelry which happen to be pearls, and I happen to like myself wearing them <3
Do you think we're nuts because we belong to a community the shares a name with a tampon? (hehe) Haha, no I do not think your nuts! Of course not, by the way... pearl tampons are the only kind I will use. :)

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* I hope that worked out good, I am not that good without rich text :(


Sorry yall!

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