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The Basics
Name: alli.
Age: fifteen.
Occupation/school: i go to Century High School. i don't have a job as of now, i'm looking for one though.
Location: maryland.
Sexual Preference: i'm bisexual.
Status: casually dating.

A Few of Your Favorite Things.
Movie(s): who framed roger rabbit, the butterfly effect, ghost world, girl interrupted, bio-dome, detroit rock city, the skulls, phonebooth, the good girl. to name a few.
Actor(s): johnny depp.
Acress(es): angelina jolie!
Television Show(s): the real world, strong medicine, and the daily show.
Article(s) of clothing: my imitation UGGs, my grey shirt, my purple sweater, my jeans, my brown skirt, and my "hi mom" shirt.
Store(s): hollister, american eagle, wet seal, delia's, 10 car pile up, hot topic, abercrombie and fitch, pacific sunwear.
Cosmetic Brand(s): i like alot of avon stuff and i like my mary-kate and ashley lip tint.
Song(s): too many to name. right now it's "drop it like it's hot" though.
Band(s)/Singer(s): green day, offspring, radiohead, smashing pumpkins, sublime, nirvana, good charlotte, rage against the machine, feeling left out, weezer, violent femmes, 311, the vines, new found glory, and mest. i like tons more though.
Color: GREEEN!
Sport: ultimate frisbee. =P
Accessories: my rings and of course all my pearl necklaces.

Your thoughts On..
Ashton Kutcher: sexy. i love his personality too. i must say he looked lovely in The Butterfly Effect.
Abercombie: i like alot of their clothes but the last time i went in there i had HORRIBLE service so i'm not too fond of them right now, but i still love their clothes.
Hilary Duff: i hate her so much. she's so ditzy and retarded. lindsay lohan is oh so much better.
Mary-Kate and Ashley: they're really pretty. i think they are a bit messed up in the head but whatever. they've accomplished alot in their lives.
Material Possessions: i like them but they shouldn't mean anything to people. i love getting new stuff it makes the next week or so alot better haha.

How often do you wear your pearls?: i wear something with pearls on it almost everyday.
Which kind do you wear? ( i.e. necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets): necklaces and bracelets.
Why do you love pearls? because they stand out so much, i love the ones with vibrant colors.
What makes you "a pearl girl"? my sexy hot pink pearls. =P
Do you think we're nuts because we belong to a community the shares a name with a tampon? (hehe) haha nah, i think it's rad.

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