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Blow Your Brains Out On Me...

The Basics
Name: Kelley Catherine
Age: 16
Occupation/school: I work at Caribou Coffee and I go to Arundel High school
Location: Odenton MD
Sexual Preference: I like Boyss
Status: In the middle of a messy break up with ym boyfriend of over a year

A Few of Your Favorite Things.
Movie(s): Moulin Rouge, Gone with the wind, Clueless, Cold Moutain, dumb and dumber, To catch a theif, and many more.
Actor(s): Jude Law, Johnny depp (i liked him wayyy before priates of the carribien)
Acress(es): Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly
Television Show(s): Sex and the City (but its not on anymore) i watch random things on MTV. that show nip tuck. i dont watch tv for anything inparticual i kinda just watch whatever
Article(s) of clothing: I love comfortable jeans and tan tops and sweat shirts
Store(s):Ambercrombie And Fitch, American Eagal, Hollister, Guess, and Express
Cosmetic Brand(s): Estee Lauder, Mac when i have money, aveda, clinique, i have this revlon stuff its good. Anything thats nice
Song(s): Right now Walls, By Emery, And Again I Go Unnoticed, by dashboard
Band(s)/Singer(s): From Autumn To Ashes, Madison, Letter kills, Taking back sunday, Brand new, senses fail, my chemical romance, Posion the well, Saves the day, Boys night out. And soooo many more
Color: Uh well i like Blue and Green i think they are claming. Pink is cute. i also like shades of brown i think its very pretty in some shades.
Sport: Dancing, if thats a sport. To play that use to be basketball i NEVER play anymore. To watch football can be intresting.
Accessories: Earrings, I'm getting into ribbons and pearls, necklaces. Anything that look cute and goes i guess.

Your thoughts On..
Ashton Kutcher: Wayyyy over rated
Abercombie: So cute. I love their style
Hilary Duff: Annoying at points. But not horrible.
Mary-Kate and Ashley: Ahh i love them. Its sad they have so much pressure put on them though.
Material Possessions: Its nice to have things. but there are more important things

How often do you wear your pearls?: Whenever they match
Which kind do you wear? ( i.e. necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets): All of the above, except i dont have a pearl ring.
Why do you love pearls? I think they are adorable and classic
What makes you "a pearl girl"? Cause I feel i try to present myself with class and i feel pearls repersent that to the fullest
Do you think we're nuts because we belong to a community the shares a name with a tampon? (hehe) Maybe alittle, but who really cares?

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Silly picture but its funny i love it.

I like editing pictures...


I edited this picture of me and my "ex boyfriend" John and I


My friend Tori and I...


haha sorry so many pictures, but i love them!

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